Fabrication - Joining Methods

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There are numerous ways to join a PVC conveyor belt. Hot vulcanising is the preferred choice if possible but joints can also be done cold or with a mechanical fastener.

Single Finger Joint – Hot vulcanised for use with 1ply or solid woven type belts, allowing maximum flexibility with an even thickness variation across the joint.

Finger Over Finger Joint – Hot vulcanised and used with 2ply belts and above. This is the strongest and preferred joint type.

Overlap Joint – Hot or cold vulcanised for 2ply belts and above. Often used on site where finger punching tools are not available.

Mechanical Fasteners – Usually either hook or plate type in carbon and stainless steel but can also be supplied in plastic. Fasteners are joined by a wire rod which allows easy fitting onto a conveyor in situations where endless belts cannot be fitted.